Why this blog?



First, I consider it as a fortune to live – together now with nearly 500 millions of other European citizens and since December 1, 2009 – in a Europe in which fundamental rights are protected by one law. After nearly eight decades of hot and cold war, of ideologies like fascism and communism, the charter of fundamental rights guarantees freedom and human rights for all citizens of the European Union. A single view of the current world is enough to understand that even this is everything else than a matter of course. It is precious and worth to be protected – against all enemies.

Second, the crisis of recent years – since the revelation of the Greek deficit in the end of 2009 – has shown the overwhelming need for reform and development of our European Union.

Third, I do have a view in which Europe I want to live. More about this in the articles to follow. However, I do not see my views and ideas enough expressed or fully represented in current politics.

Fourth, the internet provides a direct and fast interaction as never before with all people who want to get involved. Time and participation are crucial for the renewal of our European Union. 

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