A European Elections Manifesto



Un jour viendra…

To the citizens of the European Union:

In a few weeks we are called upon to elect a new European Parliament, the first under the rules set forth in the treaty of Lisbon.

Later this year our new Parliament will elect a new European Commission.

100 years after the beginning of World War I and 75 years after the beginning of World War II the subject speaks its own importance – comprehending in its consequences nothing less than further progress and development of our European Union or stagnation and mediocrity and – in the worst case – decomposition into its parts and perhaps finally a breakup.

How important it is to belong to a strong community can be witnessed in these days at our eastern border. The struggle of the Ukrainian people for inner peace and freedom, for the right of self-determination, democracy and prosperity reminds us of our own true values. They are precious and not to be taken for granted. Once more in history the Moscow Kremlin does not show any respect for these values. Read more