Junker’s first priority: Keeping the Union together



Will Jean-Claude Juncker go down in history as the President of the European Commission under which the European Union will break up?

The European Council might have discussed and decided yesterday the strategic agenda for the next five years, for Jean-Claude Junker, the nominated President of the European Commission there is one first and foremost outstandingly important task: keeping the Union together. Assumed that David Cameron will be re-elected in 2015, there might be a British referendum by 2017 to leave the EU – or to continue to stay in it. With a publicly known No from David Cameron to support Junker’s nomination as the next President of the European Commission, the task did not become easier.

“Age is no guarantee of efficiency”, said the new Q in front of Turner’s Temeraire in Skyfall, the latest James Bond. “And youth is no guarantee of innovation”, answered Bond. In terms of efficiency and innovation the upcoming five years might be the most important ones for Jean-Claude Junker in his political career. They might decide over his political legacy – finally.

For sure – after years of crises – Europe needs a strong and innovative agenda to be driven forward and to spend new hope. Cameron knows it and thinks that Junker is not the right man for it, representing more the status quo of the past than a dynamic European Union of the Future. However, a Brexit would be a serious strategic defeat in the long term for both, the UK and the European Union – as a Grexit would have been one in the last years. 

It will be up to Jean-Claude Junker to prove his critics wrong. In best case he might become a President of transition, initiating further the political and economic renewal of the European Union, driving it forward and keeping all member states together.

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