“A United States of Europe”?



In recent years there were several European politicians who called for a „United States of Europe“ – among them nobody less than the former Head of Government in Italy, Enrico Letta, or the Vice President of the European Union, Viviane Reding

I do not consider the term „United States of Europe“ as appropriate for the European Union or Europe.


Because of the following: 

First, it’s one thing to build a political Union from 13 colonies in the 18th century against a common enemy, – another to build an ever deeper political Union from 28 historically grown nations in the 21st century.

Second, the role of the executive branch has been a serious point of discussion in the adoption of the constitution of the United States of America. To call for a United States of Europe without explaining the concrete roles and responsibilities of the constitutional bodies is quite superficial. 

Third, the US and its business traditions and policies are a repeated cause of global volatility and econonomic crisis – examples are the recent financial crisis of 2008, the burst of the dot-com bubble in 2000 and the stock market crash in 1929.

Fourth, Europe has a long tradition of social welfare whereas the United States is still struggling to implement universal healthcare.

Fifth, the US still allows the death penalty. In addition, gun violence is a major problem in many big cities. The homicide rate of the US is far ahead of many countries of the European Union.

Sixth, the incarcaration rate of the US is distressing. In fact the US has more or less the highest incarceration rate on this planet and several times higher than the median rate of OECD countries. 

To sum it up: life in the European Union today is in many ways more free, more safe, more social and more stable as in the United States of America.

Everyone who calls for a “United States of Europe” should mention in detail what she or he means by this. 

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